Email for Global Reach Project, #1

Have you ever had a mundane moment which wound up being pretty significant?

Well, that happened to me just a few days ago. I went to a local post office to obtain a new passport. Though the line wasn’t so long, I had to wait quite awhile. (Apparently the person being served had some issues which took longer than usual). So for two hours I enjoyed conversations with an assortment of people – young, old, several nationalities represented.

There was the lady from Chile who always liked to exchange her winter here for the summer which was going on in the southern hemisphere. Then there was the young couple waiting to get their 8 month old daughter a passport so that they could visit relatives in Mexico City. The mother of Indian heritage was quick to give me advice on how to raise productive children… I didn’t ask, but I’m pretty sure that she is quite proud of her adult children’s professions.`

Even though the wait was long, I had fun interacting with the different people.

On my drive home, however, I couldn’t help but think about the parallel universes represented in all of these countries – including our own. The people in line were sophisticated, and more than likely quite prosperous, but in every country when you pull back the curtain of sophistication you discover another reality. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern cultural institutions, business and commerce, there’s a shadowy underworld of poverty, crime, and desperation. People who need Jesus and need the Word of God.

Which brought me to the reality of our new mission – and why I am so thankful for it.

Very soon Mickey and I will be going to Liberia. In my mind’s eye I can see the faces of those precious people who have been through so much, and yet have such a sweetness of soul. Brick by brick they are rebuilding the infrastructure which was destroyed in their decades-long civil wars. They are re-establishing order out of chaos and building great lives for the future generations. The Liberians’  cordiality and exuberance for life have won our hearts…and we are eager to get there, hoping to make an impact.

So what are you up to? I am convinced that all of us have missions from God – based on our gifts – which stir our hearts with joy. There are so many people – so many needs – and so many gifts. And our great God who works it all out.

Don’t forget that your part is important! Whether your call is to physical needs or spiritual, it’s part of God’s plan and  it’s important! My prayer for you is that you are hearing Him clearly and being incredibly blessed in the call He has for you. May you appreciate your gifts and your call, knowing how very special you are to God.

A special thanks to all of you who are praying for us and for those who are making contributions to our new venture. It’s a faith step for sure, and God’s faithfulness is manifesting day by day.

Keep soaring in  your God-inspired pursuits.