“It’s Time for All Hands On Deck”

Suellen Estes

For the last 30 years, I have been writing for the Christian Market. At first, my projects were for the church my husband and I founded in Northern Mississippi. Then for the Blog I started https://suellenestes.com. Next for the books I began to write. (I have more than 20 books available on amazon.com/author/suellenestes).

In 2013 I had a clear direction from God that it was time for “all hands on deck.”

The Lord began to show me that it was the time for many Christians – both ministers and lay people – to answer His call to increase their reach through broadcasting and writing. There are many messages, many stories, and many voices which need to be heard by this generation.

That’s when I began to answer the call to encourage others to write their books or start their websites. There is a world to reach and to encourage for Him. He truly needs “all hands on deck,” to get the job done. (You can download your free copy of 7 Steps to Your Online Ministry here).

Many people today know that they need to be reaching out to an audience through blog posts, emails, and digital books. Yet they just don’t have the time. There are too many demands in ministry.

Maybe you are one of those busy people.

I am here to help you. Whether you want to increase your email list or stay connected to the one you have. Whether you want to keep up a steady blog or create downloadable e-books for your audience. Whether you want to enhance your website’s message or enhance the sale of your products. I am here to help you.

Each person has different needs, so project packages will be aimed at your personal needs and desires. You or your marketing director may call or email me and I will be able to handle your requests speedily and at an agreeable cost.

Together we can do this!